Welcome to the " Geocaching meets Beethoven " - Shop

Unfortunately we had to close the shop on 31.01.2020, so we can manage to get everything delivered, packed and organized in time.
But that doesn't mean that you can't come to the event. We will have a box office for you.
The prices are scaled as listed here:

  • 15+ years: 10,00 EUR
  • 6-14 years: 8,00 EUR
  • 0-5 years: free entry

Important: There is no public transport ticket included!

The articles, that you can still find in the shop, you can:

  • On the event day on site for sale
  • order directly from the manufacturer and
  • Pay for the presentations on site

 If you are still looking for accommodation and you are interested to take the "Tourbus",
 please contact us by mail.
 Yes, € 420.00 sounds a lot at first. But if you want to stay in a threesome (€ 70,00 per night and person) or
 is even four people (€ 52,50 per night and person), it doesn't look so bad ;)

See you on Feb. 29, 2020

Your Little Louis

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